What am I?

I know who I am, maybe not entirely but to a great extent. But what am I? Am I an object or am I a being. To those who can TOUCH me know that I exist in the tangible form, but what about those who only see me or converse with me through the virtual realm? They only think they know the physical, but all they know-to some extent- are my thoughts. My thoughts that can change as much as my corporeal self. The world calls me a human but what am I to ME? A flower is a flower because society calls it so, but does the flower know that it’s a flower? Does society know that it doesn’t think if itself as a flower? Does society know whether or not it can think at all? There is the physical and non-physical self that formulate the ‘me’ called a human. So often I’ve told myself that I am ME, for there’s only one ME; the self that I am: the body,actions,emotions, beliefs and thoughts that contribute to what you and I see, hear and read in this and other spaces across and within the earth’s atmosphere and surface, that belongs to no one else but me. But what is me, outside of the things that constitute the nature of me?


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