Spawn’s of Anancy

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout

The itsy bitsy spider’s web begins to sprout

The itsy bitsy spider has connected more than a million heads

The itsy bitsy spider created an adhesive thread

The spider’s web is quite a masterpiece. Davinci must be smiling, even more than his Mona Lisa, at this evolutionary creation. But so many others must be turning in anguish, weeping and still rebelling. For we all love Anancy until he’s gotten the better of us and even when we’ve become quite familiar with his traps, we still fall as victims into his web; so it connects us all. We’re all addicted to something on this earth, so why scorn a drug addict when in the end we’re all equally capable of dying from our own mistakes?

There’s a world outside the physical, controlled and used by the physical, that the physical and non-physical should take caution in entering. Our subconscious prefers a perfect world, but the reality is there may never be. Many escape the monstrosities of their physical existence only to be trapped in Anancy’s web of deception, each thread leading to and connecting people of different planes (3.2 billion to be exact). So trod carefully in this unknown realm for all that glitters is not gold. Anancy’s eggs are always eager to be cracked so they can spin you in their web of lies. These are the predators of the web and the weak will become prey.

Scamming is a fraudulent scheme used to make quick profit. Scammers are masters of deception, the descendants of Anancy and we cant seem to get enough of them spurring mainly from the Caribbean and Africa. They achieve their goal buy preying on their victims’ curiosity and credulous nature, leading into a bitter sweet ceremony of the two participants. The most prevalent seems to be the lottery scam in the Caribbean, mainly in Jamaica where victims are lead to believe that they have won the lottery and should pay a fee before collecting their reward. This is mainly done through phone calls or via e-mail and some may even request credit card or bank account information for ensuring payment and according to the U.S Embassy in Jamaica, other forms of this scheme exist including an unknown caller who claims to know your family and neighborhood, callers stating an urgent need for money as they have lost theirs and those that may ‘pose as government officials or lawyers claiming that you must pay for their services to assist with your case, reclaim your scammed funds, or protect you from criminal prosecution.’ This shows that just as any other phenomenon, the act is capable of evolving.

The fact that such activities occur mainly in cyberspace, makes policing more difficult since it usually involves the young and ‘tech-savvy’ population. 200 deaths in Jamaica alone have been linked to scamming and over 1 billion U.S dollars have been taken from Americans by Jamaican scammers. Montego Bay is a social disaster in this game of mischief. Anancy must be living a prosperous afterlife. 

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout

When will the rain come and wash the spider out?


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